Nothing beats the experience of smoking a joint for consuming cannabis and you shouldn't have to settle for low quality flower and craftsmanship in a pre roll. Puff is there to bring you top quality, ready to consume products for any lifestyle. So just sit back, relax and let us roll this one.
Well | Loaded 1.3g Preroll from Puff
Puff Well | Loaded 1.3g Preroll
10.74 % THC11.74 % CBD
Today within 1 hour
$201 g
Our uplift loaded pre roll will absolutely get you higher than a kite! We took our best selling uplift pre roll and slathered it in a coat of rich sativa cannabis oil and dusted in our finest blonde kief
Balance | Loaded 1.3g Preroll from Puff
Puff Balance | Loaded 1.3g Preroll
34.4 % THC0 % CBD
Today within 1 hour
$201.3 g
The name can be deceiving on this one. Our balance pre roll painted with a thick layer of hybrid oil and rolled in kief is anything more than a balance, it’s fully loaded to take you into space.